Procrastination meaning and ways to master it

By Your Query Staff

Published on July 14, 2021
Updated on August 14, 2021

On several occasions, we often witness that some people around us are conveying the procrastination meaning exactly. Undoubtedly, this term may appear relatively unfamiliar, but we can observe its presence. You know what; some people willingly delay their tasks for the next hours. Consequently, it brings unfavorable outcomes for them. 

However, completing the task on due time is an art. Besides, it needs huge toil to seed this habit within us. Therefore, knowing the related fact of procrastination is highly exigent. For your assistance, we have brought this article to avoid any inconvenient circumstances. So, let's drive to the next phases and earn more vital data on it. 


What Is Procrastination


Actually, perceiving procrastination is the key way to put away this habit from us. Oftentimes, people ask us to elaborate on this term. Well, we will extensively present this term to you. Besides, you will learn this term and may bring change into your behavioral pattern. Thus, your life may welcome a good impact hopefully. 

Truly saying, procrastination is the habit of delaying the given task in hoping to complete it tomorrow. For instance, a person has to accomplish a task within a time frame. Usually, he or she put the task in the pending situation for the eleventh hour. In this way, they start hurrying to do the job while time is moderately short. As an idea it is opposite to time management


What Is Procrastination


Now, the question why does it happen? It is because; the habit makes them delaying every task usually. Instead of doing the task, they keep themselves in the less crucial matter. Actually, the matter can be much enjoyable for them. In this way, they show pure negligence towards their responsibility. You know what; the term procrastination often points this situation in true meaning. 

Mark Joseph, a psychology professor at Durban University, has put an opinion on it. According to him, procrastination is the failure of the self-controlling process, which results from unnecessary delay in completing the potential task. Besides, he also mentioned that almost 20% of people are true procrastinators.  

You know what; a huge chance always remains when you may appear in wasting your time on trivial chores. Here, you can be a determined and well-organized person. But stills, you cannot overlook the possibility of delaying your task. Sometimes, it happens unintentionally. Unfortunately, the result will be unfavorable regardless the delay is intentional or unintentional. 


Procrastination Meaning


According to Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of procrastination or is to postpone or loiter any task. It happens because the task seems to be boring or tiresome. 

On the other hand, we can pick another meaning from Oxford Dictionary. Actually, the meaning is almost the same as the above one. Here, Oxford defines procrastination as the unnecessary interval of work or something which happens deliberately. 


Procrastination Meaning


Types of Procrastination


Actually, a person procrastinates because of several reasons. Sometimes, he or she remains unaware of it. But sooner or later, they have to face the consequence adversely. That is why; learning about the types of procrastination may be handy. Here, researchers have categorized procrastination based on the reasons. 

In this continuation, we usually see four major variations in procrastination. In the subsequent lines, we will apprise those variations. Therefore, a brief discussion has come on what you should look at attentively. 

Anxious Procrastination:

At first, we can look at anxiety as the prime type of procrastination. The researchers often point to the indecisive mode of a person, which derives from anxiety. For this reason, the person becomes indifferent in doing his task accurately. Here, fear fills his mind, and his ability goes down. 

Some researchers believe and state that anxious procrastinators are usually bad at handling the work schedule. Besides, they amass no free time for enjoyment actually. Time management is really a hazardous fact for them. Plus, they bear unrealistic expectations within their minds, which lead them to stress.  

Fun Procrastination:

It means a person is usually busy with funny or exciting chores instead of doing the dreaded task. In this way, the little enjoyment seems to be very crucial for them. Therefore, they usually leave the task undone or half done. Besides, they usually do not follow the structured working process. 

Furthermore, most of the time, works seems to be boring and tiresome for them. That is why; they usually try to escape from the responsibility. 

Procrastination For Time Abundance:

In this procrastination, the person finds a huge time to complete his given task. For having abundant time, they lose their seriousness and leave the task for the eleventh hour. In fact, plenty of time usually makes them feel that they can do it before the deadline. 

Ultimately, they become expeditious while time is short of reaching a deadline. In most of the cases, we observe students usually belong to this group. It is really common for the students to submit their tasks at the end. Even they sometimes miss the deadlines as well. 

Perfectionist Procrastination:

You know what; a few people seem to be certain and perfect on their work. Therefore, they always remain fastidious. That is why; the exceptive nature usually obstacles them from accomplishing the task on due time. Oftentimes, they are the prime critics of their own work. In a sense, it may be good, but lead them to be a procrastinator.


Procrastination Cycle


Here, the vicious cycle of procrastination may assist you to comprehend the procrastination meaning accurately. Truly, we often repeat the same procrastination process in every task as a habit. Therefore, learning this cycle may lead you to overcome it. In the subsequent lines, we will apprise that particular cycle elaborately.

Being Enthusiastic and Revitalized:

In this stage, you feel huge enthusiasm to make a task done. Besides, you seem to be energetic. Plus, you remain confident about the completion of the work on due time. 

Still No Sign of Action:

However, after passing certain times, you will observe that you have not done any portion of your work. Actually, necessary action is yet to be taken. Here, you will present lots of excuses for doing nothing. But, you will feel little anxiety at this stage and decide to start soon. 

Blinking of Hope:

In this stage, the procrastinators find little time to complete the task. Actually, they are on the verge of ending the deadline. But still, they feel the blink of hope slightly. Therefore, they try to dig out a way to complete the task within this short time. 

Surrender to Themselves:

Now, the miserable ends come to cuddle the procrastinators. It is because; the task was given to them still remains incomplete. Therefore, they have to surrender to themselves and dive into the deep of frustration. In this situation, they promise that this thing will not happen the next time. Actually, the vicious cycle of procrastination takes place in this way. 


How to Break Procrastination Cycle


Well, you may be keen to learn the ways to break this vicious cycle. Actually, this cycle always brings devastating outcomes for the people. Therefore, we will show you the procedure to break this cycle perfectly. Let's have a glimpse in the upcoming lines. 

Have a Plan:

At first, you need to set a workable plan to do your task accurately. Here, you must have the confidence to cling to the plan strictly.  

Justify Your Excuses:

Now, you must be aware that every issue is not irrational. Therefore, you should take the issues into account. Later, justify those issues and sort them out accurately. 

Have Self-Motivation:

Well, motivation can be a crucial driving force for completing the task perfectly. Oftentimes, surrounding facts can be your inspiration. But, several studies have justified that self-motivation can impact your workability more. 

Design the Timeframe:

Based on your given task, you must design the timeframe for accomplishing the task. You know what; it will be best if you start the work from the very beginning day. Besides, you should set a target for yourself by coping with the timeframe. 

Keep Yourself Away From Stress:

Actually, stress brings nothing. It just reduces your passion and workability. Therefore, on a serious note, we must recommend you to be away from stress. Here, stress management skills can be a plus point for you. 


Procrastination Examples


Are you keen to comprehend the procrastination meaning more clearly? Well, we will draw some real-life examples of procrastination for you. In this way, you will learn better to identify procrastination. So, we must jump to underneath lines. 

Firstly, as a most common example, we often find people spending crucial time on social media. For this reason, they usually leave important tasks incomplete. 

Many professionals and students do their assignments or homework at the eleventh hour. You know what; this matter sometimes appears as troublesome for them.

Suppose a person is keen to start any venture. But, he is wasting time in searching motivational objects or gathering pointless information. 


Procrastination Psychology


Most importantly, people must be aware of the psychological mechanisms which cause procrastination. Thus, they will have the tools to be safe from those mechanisms and build strong personal traits. For instance, we can name anxiety, lack of motivation, task aversion, fear of failure, and many more things. These drivers can impact the workability of a person adversely. 

Furthermore, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can lead a person to be a procrastinator. Besides, striving for perfection and depression are also on the list of psychological mechanisms. Several pieces of research have shown that psychological blocks are the major forces to procrastinate. If anyone is keen to be away from procrastination, they must overcome those psychological blocks. 


Procrastinating Synonym

Now, you may learn a few synonyms of procrastinating here. The alternative meaning of procrastinating can be slowing, stalling, delaying, and deferring.  


Procrastinate Antonym

Here, some antonyms of procrastinating are dispatch, expedite, hasten, and facilitate. Truly, the entire words mean conversely of the given term. 


Why Do We Procrastinate

In the given note above, we have mentioned several facts which lead us to procrastinate. But still, some more facts are yet to come. You know what; having no self-regulatory ability is the primary reason for procrastination. But, the collapse in self-regulation happens for several reasons. Let's see those liable facts in the next lines. 

A person’s surrounding is filled with enormous distractions. 

He or she still has not set any definite goal to achieve in their life. 

They are afraid of the negative opinions of other people. 

They keep aversion towards their given task. 

They are moderately inefficient in proper time management. 

Inertia can be an influential fact as a cause of procrastination. 


Why Do We Procrastinate


How to Stop Procrastinating

Well, you can implicate directive mechanisms to stop procrastinating. Having better assumptions on procrastination meaning, you can acquire those tools. In the following lines, some effective and workable ways have come to enlighten your thought. 

Recognizing the mistakes assist a person in improving himself. Therefore, you have to admit that you have been procrastinating for a long. 

Secondly, you have to declare pardon for yourself. Actually, the determination will come after forgetting the past procrastination. Before initiating the fresh start, you will require self-forgiveness. 

You can set an independent observer for you. In fact, that particular observer will assist you in monitoring your improvement. 


How to Stop Procrastinating


It is highly effective that you declare reward to you for stopping procrastinating successfully. 

You must diminish all the distractions from your life. In this way, you will remain stick to your schedule accurately. 

You must be impetuous and ready to act instantly whenever any task arises. 

For being a proactive person, you must accept the given task as an enjoyment. Actually, you must put away task aversion from your inner soul. 


How to Stop Procrastinating Right Now


If you wish to stop procrastinating right now, then a few ways should be on your action list. Sometimes, procrastination becomes chronic for some people. In this scenario, they frequently stumble in achieving anything. Consequently, a huge frustration occupies their inner soul. 

However, people can stop procrastination immediately by initiating workable steps. Well, you will have a bunch of tips in the next phase. 

Firstly, you must call up yourself regarding the deadline repeatedly. In this course, you will always be aware of your current position. Plus, it will boost your working speed as well. 

The entire task can be huge and inflexible to complete. In this case, you may divide your whole task into several manageable sections. 

Most amazingly, you can use your anxiety to push you to complete the task betimes. 

You can make a cooperative relationship with proactive people. Besides, you should spend a lot of time with them. Truly, this fact will really put away your procrastinating tendency. 

It will be really workable and nice if you set an imaginary competition. You know what; the opponents of this feigned contestation can be your colleague, friends, and classmates.   



After coming to an end, we can confidently state that you now have a better perception of procrastination meaning. Well, everything seems to be nice and handy if you can light your inner side with self-regulation. You know what; procrastination can block your potentiality and lead you to undermined career. Therefore, you must put away procrastination from your lifestyle.