SCITI Course on Business Management for Women

By Your Query Staff

Published on December 20, 2020
Updated on December 26, 2020

SCITI is a government training institute continuously working for Human Capital Development for Small and Cottage Industries. As part of this development process SCITI is inviting applications for Training on “Business Management for Women” 

Purpose of the Course: 

Increase knowledge of profitable industries, skill development; correctly calculate net profit with erroneous calculations and enables business decision-making by analyzing financial conditions.

Training Content/Subject Area: 

Ways of Assessing Eligibility of Women Entrepreneurs

Profitable Industries according to skill and qualification 

Business Selection Procedures 

Business Banks Preparation of Suitable Project Proposals: 

Marketing, Production, Management and Financial Analysis of Industries 

Businesses Government Facilities to Entrepreneurs:

Profit-Loss Accounts and Financial Ratios of Industry / Business

 Certificate: After successful completion of the training, certificate will be awarded

Benefits: Learning how to analyze profitable industries and related facilities.

Course duration: December 27-31, 2020

Application deadline and Registration: December 27, 2020 (until 9.00 am)

Minimum Qualification: Minimum SSC pass 

Course fee: Tk. 1000/-(Physical presence)  

                      Tk. 500/-(Online)                 

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For further details see the circular from The Daily Prothom Alo:

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