PhD meaning and its tale

By Your Query Staff

Published on May 27, 2021
Updated on April 14, 2022

Are you keen to learn about PhD? Truly, a PhD meaning stands for your genuine research work, leading to real contribution to your subject. You know what; it is a doctoral degree normally considered as the highest academic achievement. Oftentimes, we find several scholars have been obtaining PhD degrees around the world.

Here, the question definitely relates to some basic information. In fact, you must be aware of its course of study. Otherwise, it will appear as a burdensome fact for you. That is why; we will enlighten your thought through this article. Here, you will amass the basic facts regarding PhD degree. 


Origin of PhD:


Well, before proceeding towards the further discussion, we must familiar with the origin of PhD. Precisely, in the ancient period, philosophy was better known as the prime arena of knowledge. For this reason, a person delivering authentic contribution in this arena usually got PhD degree. Afterward, other aspects of knowledge got included into this degree. 

In the process of civil development, education becomes more fundamental. Consequently, we find several degrees to rank the achievers. In medieval Europe, particularly in Germany, Universities set their study in four faculties. Those degrees were arts, theology, law, and medicine, respectively. At that time, the universities only bestowed intermediate degrees. Later, the degree advanced to another level which was familiar as the master’s degree. 

Over time, the academic bodies apprehended the necessity of generating new ideas and knowledge. Therefore, they brought PhD degree in light to recognize the experts. Actually, those experts successfully demonstrated potential skills and expertise to produce newer thoughts and knowledge. But, the ancient version of PhD degree was quite distinctive in comparison with the modern one. 

It is because, at that time, the PhD degree meaning stood as the license to teach. In fact, it was just an award for higher scholarship. The PhD degree seekers are only required to cover long placement and examinations. Gradually, this degree takes the shape of modern form. Besides, it starts persuading to contribute the subjects with genuine research work. 


PhD Meaning: 


As a research-based degree, PhD is contributing to newer ideas and knowledge. Besides, a perfect combination of teaching methods and advanced theory extracts the skills of the scholars. Here, a vital question appears to answer. Do you really feel that you have love and interest in the academic field? Then, PhD degree can be the solution to your thirst. 


PhD meaning and its tale


However, in most countries, these degree holders are the persons considered to teach their expertise field.  You know what; it is the highest post-graduation given by the universities. Here, the achievers are the persons who successfully submitted their thesis through extensive and genuine research work. The scholars or students attain this degree normally after completion of a master's degree. But, some institutions are available that allow the students to go straight to PhD after achieving a bachelor's degree. Truly, it is relatively rare. Here, your previous academic track record plays a vital role. 


PhD Abbreviation:


Actually, PhD is the abbreviation which means 'Doctor of Philosophy.' This word has come from the Latin words 'Philo' and 'Sophia.' Here, Philo means buddy or lover, and Sophia means wisdom. Therefore, we can state that it points to a person who has a passion for wisdom.  


Common PhD Degree Requirements:


Is PhD degree only for the genius? What steps should I complete to be worthy for PhD degree? Oftentimes, these questions round in our minds. In fact, your passion and minimum quality should open the path to PhD. Besides, you have to fulfill some basic requirements to be condign for this higher study. Therefore, in this section, we will briefly discuss this fact.  

In fact, the road of PhD degree really demands an inquisitive mind and hard work. As we said, it is entirely research-based work. Therefore, a PhD ongoing professional must collect giant reference data. Besides, he must analyze those dates collectively and note the findings. Here, an inquisitive mind and hard work ease the hurdles of the road. 


PhD Degree Requirements


Generally saying, the requirements for PhD admission directly seeks to have a brilliant academic record. In this case, the educational institutes mainly focus on the grades of bachelor's and master's degrees. Plus, the potential research work capabilities are other factors to take into account. Still, we have not found any record of considering third-class grades in academic life. 

Here, another exigent fact is that some universities only focus on the master’s level grade. Besides, some allow the candidates with a lower grade. How does this happen? Actually, it happens if they can arrange the fund by themselves for the completion of this degree. But, the rate of this type of admission is very low in number. 

Many European and Asian universities prefer MPhil as a prerequisite of PhD program. 

On the other hand, some institutes directly stipulate the candidates to find the tenured professor for their chosen subject. Here, that particular professor will be the formal advisor for his research work throughout the PhD program. Actually, the truth is to complete your PhD program, and you must do your research work under a professor. 

Moreover, you must prove your language proficiency before applying to any institution. For this reason, GRE, GMAT, or SAT test are quite exigent for the candidates. Besides, the candidate should arrange academic references from his or her previous educational institutes. In fact, it will add value, and this reference may appear as their mirror of capabilities. 

After fulfilling all of those requirements, a candidate will set a research proposal. Here, he will describe the outline of his research work clear. Besides, he must prove how his chosen subjects will generate new ideas or open the door of knowledge. Later, he will send the proposal to the potential academic institute. After approval from that institute, his PhD program will start.  


Duration for PhD Completion:


Previously, the institute often designed the PhD degree as the four or five year's program. But, the scenario has changed a lot. Nowadays, modern education institutes persuade a PhD degree in three to four years. Here, the researchers will not work being locked in a laboratory or library. Real fieldwork can be a vital component in this program. 

Basically, the candidates can complete the program within three years. Most of the education has set this timeline for the candidates to be successful in their research work. Within this time frame, they must submit their thesis or dissertation. In the first year, you will sit with your advisor and set the action plan on the subjects. 


Duration for PhD


However, the first year is the foundation year for your research work. Here, you will start collecting data based on your action plan. In fact, you must remember all the collected data will not be useable for your research. Therefore, sorting those data is an important part. Your research advisor will assist you in this case. 

The second and third year of the candidates is real-time when they do their core research work. In fact, it is the time when they dig their chosen field. Here, the course of research will vary based on the chosen subjects. But, their main aim will be the gathering of outputs from the experiments, surveys, archival research, or some other means. 


Does PhD Add Value To Career?


Without any doubt, we must state that holding a PhD degree may add higher value to your career. As we said above, the academic professional only did this work to obtain the degree. But, the fact has changed a lot. Now, the market has got a demand for PhD holders. It is because; this degree has made the candidate quite striking to the employers. 

A PhD degree holder can easily fill the research-driven position in a company. We all know that in today's business world, research and development are a prime part of any organization. Therefore, the demand for this higher degree holder has touched the sky already. Truly, this degree will open more career options for the candidates. 


Is There A Degree Higher Than PhD?


In fact, many academic institutes offer several degrees equivalent to a PhD degree. But, a candidate may take courses that are higher doctorate programs in comparison with PhD program. Actually, these degrees are quite common in United Kingdom's universities. Besides, you may find those degrees in some European countries as well. 

The institutes bestow this degree to the person as an honorary degree holder. In the USA, you will find this type of degree. But, in some ways, these degrees recognize the extraordinary contribution of a person in a specific field. In the following lines, we will show you some degrees which are higher than PhD degrees. 

DS Degree (Doctor of Science): The institutes recognize the holders through this degree for his or her substantial contribution to the field of science.

DLit Degree (Doctor of Literature): The worthy person gets this degree for contributing to creative arts. 

DD Degree (Doctor of Divinity): The recipients of this degree usually get their recognition for their contribution to theology. 

DMus Degree (Doctor of Music): This award is a recognition of the recipients for their extraordinary music. 

DCL degree (Doctor of Civil Law): In the study of politics or law, genuine and significant publications get recognition through this degree. 




Another significant degree has appeared in front of us. Actually, DBA stands for 'Doctor of Business Administration'. Here, this degree is an entirely professional program which aim is to use the theoretical knowledge and ideas in business practice. Therefore, the career path of a DBA degree usually leads them to be consultants, managers, or administrators. 

On the other hand, a PhD degree is a program that generates real and authentic knowledge and ideas in a specific field. Generally, we find that the PhD degree holders pursue their career in the academic field. Besides, they conduct research work and thus, contribute to producing newer theories. 


Joke of PhD:


Well, PhD word does not only sound rigid. In fact, you may find several jokes related to PhD degree. In fact, those jokes stand for the PhD degree pointing to "Permanent Head Damage." Here, let me recite a few of those for you. 

           Number 1: 

A very interesting notice was hanging in a bar written “If you are doing PhD, here drinks are free for you.”

People asked the owner, “Why?”

The owner replied,” It is because; they only carry despondence and brain damage.”


           Number 2:

Once, a person visited a psychiatrist for a session. The psychiatrist asked him, “What is your problem?”

The person replied, “Very often I feel something is knocking at my head.”

Hearing that, psychiatrist asked the person, “What are doing now?”

The person replied, “I am doing PhD.” 

With a sad face, the psychiatrist said, “Sorry, I cannot treat the permanent head damage.”




In modern civilization, we find the super speed of advancement. It is happening because of the original research work. Therefore, PhD meaning really stands for the pure contribution of the specific fields. Here, the persons usually carry out extensive and potential work to generate newer thoughts. Oftentimes, those thoughts enrich the pathway of the people. 

That is why; PhD degree is great recognition for those people who willingly engage themselves in research. In fact, It can be a major way to add a new era to the history of humankind.